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We are committed to helping your bottom line.

With certified medical billers and our own clearinghouse.

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We offer a variety of services tailored to your practices needs.

Most popular:

Extremely effective medical billing.

Patient friendly portal.

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Our products:

  • iClaims: your front office
  • EMRx: the patient chart, labs, controlled eRx’s, all previous visits, imbedded with all your procedure codes, as you chart, the coding for billing is done. Total integration with iClaims.
  • Choice Pay: a credit card terminal that integrates with iClaims.
  • Quick Collect: Customized A/R collection
  • iDocsNOW: Solution for storing charts and more
  • CodeRite/ AuditGuard: Code so the government audits go better.
  • Autocard: Announce new associates or procedures.